KGFC rankade på 17:e plats i Europa

I den senaste rankingen som är publicerad av twittersajten Women Football Lady återfinns Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC på den 17:e platsen bland totalt 100 rankade damfotbollsklubbar.
Listan som toppas av Lyon före Wolfsburg och Rosengård är baserad på bland annat 57 europeiska ligor och cuper de senaste 3 åren. Listan innefattar dessutom bara klubbar som är aktiva idag. Vilket gör att en klubb som exempelvis Tyresö strukits från den.
Bland de svenska klubbarna toppar Rosengård före Linköping och på tredje plats hittar vi KGFC.
Mer om rankinglistan och Womens Football Lady hittar du på deras twitterkonto HÄR.
Hela listan med alla 100 lag hittar du här som en PDF-fil.

Mer fakta om hur de gått tillväga för att ranka alla klubbar hittar du här nedan i den engelska texten: 

What have we done to make the list as trustworthy as possible:The list uses the credible Elo Rating calculation system, which is also used for the FIFA Women's World Ranking
The list is based on the biggest women's football results database in the world. A total of 43.582 games are used. 
The list covers 57 European competitions
The list is based on the last 3 years (but could have been counted on 5 years if we wanted) 
The list covers next to the main women's divisions in countries also the 2nd levels and cups 
The list values results in the UWCL higher then the results in domestic competitions
Clubs will only be counted if we have at least 30 matches from the club in our database 
Clubs will only be counted if they are still active. This means for instance that Tyreso (Sweden) is deleted from the list. 
Clubs will only be counted when one or more teams from their league have at least played more then three games against outside-league opposition (this is quite technical - but this rule is needed to exclude teams from the Canary Islands or Luxembourg ending too high in the list)
We can publish the list monthly. With this mail we update the media and the 100 clubs that have reached the list. What is sure is that the top 100 will contain:16 clubs from the German 1. and 2. Bundesliga
12 clubs from the Swedish Damallsvenskan and Elitettan
11 clubs from the Norwegian Toppserien and 1. Division
10 clubs from the French Feminine Division 1
10 clubs from the English WSL 1 and 2
9 clubs from the Spanish Primera Division
5 clubs from the Italian Serie A
4 clubs from the Russian Supreme Division
3 clubs from the Dutch/Belgian BeNe Liga
2 clubs from Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey and Poland
1 club from Ireland, Hungary, Cyprus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovenia, Scotland, Romania and Kazakhstan



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